How Active Exhaust Valves Work With 2018 Ford Mustang GT

Out With The Old

BORLA Performance Industries has developed its own patented Pocket Valve technology to allow its exhaust systems to retain the vehicle’s factory dual-mode or active valve functionality without restricting the flow of exhaust gases leaving the engine.

Many new cars feature some kind of exhaust system valve technology. These valves are generally designed to operate at different engine speeds to attenuate sound levels. Most manufacturers employ selectable or active systems. These allow the driver to choose the noise level. The purpose is to provide a quiet car until the opportunity presents itself to hit the loud pedal. At this point, the valves open to allow the allow the vehicle to produce a louder, sportier exhaust note.

While developing its performance exhaust applications for new vehicles, BORLA engineers need to understand how the stock exhaust valves systems operate so they can ensure the BORLA systems function in the same way. The video posted below was filmed during a test session using the 2018 Ford Mustang GT. The BORLA engineers removed the Ford valves from the stock exhaust and placed them inside the car so they could study the activation in the Mustang’s different driving modes.

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