Blown Blueprint Engine On The Dyno

Blueprint Engine Gets Makeover

A Blueprint Engine crate engine gets a make over with the addition of a ‘Big Bore 871’ by the Blower Shop. The installed 496 CI crate engine was specifically designed to accommodate power adders. Naturally aspirated, this engine makes 561 horsepower, but Wheeler Racing Engines and Dyno Service in Minnesota made 740 HP with a 6% underdrive and 812 HP with a 6% overdrive!

The Big Gets Bigger


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ABOUT BluePrint Engines®

BluePrint Engines® was started 20 years ago in a small garage in central Nebraska. What started as a passion for speed turned into a hobby, then a job, and finally a career. Our founder built one engine at a time for his friends and neighbors, and bit by bit his business and reputation grew. Drag racers, circle track racers, and street rodders all got some of the first engines produced by BluePrint Engines. Most of us can relate to what happened next.