Electric Boat-Builder Magonis: Sustainable Innovations at Boot 2023

Power Trippin’

Magonis, the Spanish boat-builder of pure electric boats, is making its absolute debut at Boot Dusseldorf (January 21-29, 2023). The booth will not only feature two units of the Wave e-550 in the special colors grey titanium and one white, both powered by the 30 kW MAG Power electric propulsion system, but also two innovations that demonstrate Magonis’ desire to become a benchmark for sustainable boating: the MAGBuoy and a special solar awning.

Wave e-550, a boat with all the comforts for daycruising

The Magonis Wave e-550, in its 5.50 meter length (4.96 m at waterline) and 1.98 meter width, has all the ideal comforts for an enjoyable day cruise. The bowrider layout offers a bow area that can be transformed from a cozy dinette into a usable sundeck, while in the cockpit the comfortable seats and protective windscreen guarantee comfortable and safe navigation.

Standard equipment includes a dolphin striker and anchor, a telescopic bathing ladder with four large steps, platforms and full teak deck, among others. Stainless steel is used for the forward rail and windscreen uprights. There are plenty of optional features: refrigerator, shower, anti-theft device and an 8-square-metre XXL awning supported by carbon uprights.

Both models on display in Dusseldorf will mount the 30kW MAG Power electric thruster, the most powerful of those offered by the shipyard, which allows the Wave e-550 to cruise with top speeds of 22 knots.

magonis eboat in venice

The MAGBuoy: charging, literally anywhere

With its innovations, Magonis is looking to push and support the change to electric navigation to take care of the environment.

This year, Magonis has developed the first ever charging buoy: the MAGBuoy. It has been developed in-house by the research and development team in Figueres and is compatible with all boat brands. MagBuoy makes charging accessible for boats everywhere, bringing boating infrastructure closer to that of the car industry.

The MAGBuoy is equipped with a built-in battery and receives energy from an underwater cable that connects the buoy to the city’s electrical grid. To charge, users simply need to pull their boat close to the buoy, take the buoy’s charging cable and plug it into their electric boat.

The MAGBuoy presents new possibilities, especially in areas that don’t have charging stations yet, and is filling the void in missing infrastructure.

With the MAGBuoy, Magonis is accelerating the change to sustainable navigation. #francoisjozic, CEO of Magonis, comments: “Making electric boats, and developing technology like the MAGBuoy that charges any electric boat, means that more #people who want to switch from petrol to electric have the infrastructure and confidence to do so.”

Easy to install and user-friendly, charging from the MAGBuoy is simple: pull any electric boat close to the buoy, take the buoy’s charging cable, and plug it into the boat.

Magonis’ own solar awning

Next to the MAGBuoy, Magonis has also developed a solar awning for its Wave e-550, which can charge with up to 1kWh, literally anywhere. Magonis’ solar awning is foldable and flexible and is the first one in its category. It does not only provide shade, but also charges the boat while taking a relaxed break on water. And since the boat (if going at a speed of 4 knots) consumes 1kWh, it can truly be self-sufficient thanks to the solar awning.

“In addition to our efficient, smart, and pure electric boats, Magonis is on a mission to create global solutions for electrification, reaching into new technologies”, explains Miquel Antonio, Technical Director of Magonis. 

About Magonis

Magonis, based in Barcelona, makes all-electric leisure boats. Committed to sustainability, with a consolidation of technology and innovation, they’re reshaping the water transport industry. Helping the world transition to zero-emission vehicles, they produce electric, smart, and affordable technologies that drive the boating industry forward. With electric boat drives (engine and battery), Magonis offers pure, silent navigation so users enjoy lakes, rivers, and oceans as intended.