Electroless Nickel Coating for Pistons


JE Pistons develop state-of-the-art products for the performance market. Its electroless nickel (EN) coating offers detonation resistance, heat reflection and supports ring sealing. The company provide for a two-for-one benefit by not only supporting the piston market at-large, in the form of a handy ‘one-stop’ way to purchase custom pistons, but its hallmark electroless nickel (EN) plating process showcases an overall engine performance value as well.

Other plating processes require an electrical current to integrate one layer of metal over another, but the EN approach utilizes a nickel-phosphorus coating applied by chemical reduction. This configuration reflects heat away from the piston crown, while minimizing axial height of the top compression ring. Together, these design values create maximum power, reduced friction, marginalized cost, and ultimately, produces enhanced efficiency throughout an engine’s lifecycle.

EN plating is available after consultation with JE tech reps is completed.

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