EnginePower: JD Power Survey Continues To Suggest Little Interest In All-Electrified Power

A Q4 2019 JD Power survey measuring consumer growth in electrified vehicles suggests that the market is not experiencing much interest in battery-driven power. According to the report’s metrics, the market value’s the premise as neutral at best. The report offered the following conclusion.

“The Power survey index remains neutral for battery-electric vehicles, with an overall score of 55 for a third straight quarter. (Consequently), confidence about the future of battery-electric vehicles remains neutral. Attributes scoring lowest include likelihood of purchasing an electric vehicle, and reliability of electric compared to gas-powered vehicles”.

That said, however, the report went on to suggest that current efforts to produce at-large promotion of the power type ‘may’ show promise in future quarters. According to the report, “Industry experts (offer that) prospects for battery-electric vehicles have improved over the past three months. New product announcements and battery development are positive drivers for this improvement”. Nevertheless, trying to gain popular traction relating to electrification is going to be a tall order, and the longer the market fails to accept the at-large EV message, the weaker the consumer value proposition will be become.

Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director of Driver Interaction & Human Machine Interface Research at J.D. Power said it best; “For automakers it is critical that the coming wave of new products stimulates new consumer demand, otherwise, too many products will continue to chase too few customers, which will be financially disastrous for many automakers.”

Oh the other hand the premise of hybrid power is a different issue entirely, since regardless of the US’ newly won position as the top net exporter of oil and CNG worldwide, the hybrid type continues to hold second place in the global vehicle market.

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