EnginePower: Superchips Announce Support For 2020 GM SUV Models

Superchips lineup of performance programmers and calibrations tools are now loaded with 2020 GM gas SUV support. Whether consumers are driving daily to and from work, towing recreationally, or both, new calibration and tuning support will deliver instant power throughout the RPM band.

Designed with performance and reliability in mind, Superchips preloaded tuning options deliver impressive and meaningful power for the 5.3L and 6.2L engines. Tuning options range from performance to economy to accommodate the needs for any 2020 GM gas SUV owner looking for better performance, an optimized towing experience, or improved fuel economy.

Regardless of the intended driving purpose, consumers now have options ranging from handheld calibration tools to on-dash performance programmers and monitoring options.

Adds up to 16 HP and 20 lb-ft TQ
Includes option to manage throttle boost between 0-20%
Disable Active Fuel Management (AFM) for full power all the time
Manage features including speed limiter control, up/downshift torque reduction, tire calibration
Preloaded tuning to include performance, tow, and economy levels*
Supported coverage includes Flashcal PN 2547*, Flashpaq 2847, Dashpaq 2067, and Dashpaq+ PN 20617

Flashcal PN 2547 is only equipped to offer tire and gear calibration options

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