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Need to build a custom exhaust, a way to strengthen the factory frame of your GM classic car or truck, or small block Chevy V-belt pulleys to replace the worn-out originals. The Summit Racing Brand team has just what you need.

Summit Racing Rod Builder Exhaust Kits
summit racing exhaust kits
Summit Racing Rod Builder Exhaust Kits come with plenty of tubing so you can cut, fit, fabricate, and weld to your hearts content. Each kit includes:

• Four 4-foot-long straight sections of tubing
• Four 180-degree mandrel bends
• Four 90-degree mandrel bends
• Four 45-degree mandrel bends
• Mounting hardware

The kits are available in your choice of 304 and 409 stainless steel as well as aluminized steel in 2¼, 2½, 3, 3 ½, and 4-inch diameters.

Summit Racing Frame Brace Kits

summit racing frame body kit
Summit Racing Frame Brace Kits will significantly strengthen the frame of your GM A-body, Tri-5 Chevy, or Chevy pickup for improved handling and a tight, predictable feel. Features include:

• DOM steel tubing construction
• Precision computerized machining and bending
• Adjustable transmission crossmember for manual transmission and overdrive vehicles
• Generous openings for dual exhaust routing
• Exhaust hangers

The Summit Racing Frame Brace Kits are available for 1964-72 GM A-bodies, 1955-57 Chevy, and 1963-72 short and long bed Chevy/GMC half-ton trucks. Welding is required for most kits.

Summit Racing V-Belt Pulley Kits

summit racing
After 40 or more years of service the V-belt pulley systems on small block Chevys can wear out. What is surprising is the lack of parts to replace them. That’s why we put together these Summit Racing™ V-Belt Pulley Kits. Each kit includes new crankshaft, water pump, power steering, and alternator pulleys plus engine accessory brackets and mounting hardware because we’re nice like that.

The Summit Racing V-Belt Pulley Kits are available for 1969-86 Chevy 267-400 engines equipped with long water pumps in your choice of OE-style satin black or chrome-plated finishes.


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