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Under the GUNIs

GUNIWHEELS are a great solution for moving a project vehicle in and out of the shop or storing a vehicle without flatspotting your expensive tires. Made from solid steel with an airless polyurethane rubber tread, GUNIWHEELS easily roll over hoses, grates, humps, and ramps and are safe to drive on at speeds up to five miles per hour. This video shows you how useful GUNIWHEELS really are.

The patented design fits most lug/bolt patterns and center bores. Other features include:
• Easy to mount, safe for all wheel hub locations
• Thin design frees up work space around the wheel hub
• Stack neatly on racks and stands—no need for multiple spare wheel/tire sets

summit racing GUNIWHEELS in use on car

GUNIWHEELS are available in four versions:

• GUNIWHEEL 45 fits most passenger cars and small SUVs and CUVs with four- and five-lug wheel bolt patterns. Weight capacity is 2,500 pounds per wheel.

• GUNIWHEEL 45S fits the same wheels as the 45s, but has an increased 94mm offset to clear large diameter brakes. A 6mm steek backplate adds strength in the lug area. Weight capacity is 3,500 pounds per wheel.

• GUNIWHEEL 56 fits larger trucks, SUVs, and vans with five- and six-lug wheel bolt patterns. Weight capacity is 2,500 pounds per wheel.

• GUNIWHEEL 80 fits large trucks with eight-lug wheel bolt patterns and a 140mm maximum center hub diameter. Weight capacity is 3,500 pounds per wheel.

GUNIBOLT lug bolts and GUNIWASHER lug washers are strongly recommended for use with GUNIWHEELS. Vehicles with oversized brake calipers will require the use of GUNISPACER wheel spacers.

summit racing

Summit Racing also carries the GUNIHUB 45 universal rotating hub for use on vehicles that have locked-up brakes or are stuck in park. Just install GUNIHUBs on any four- or five lug wheel hubs, then bolt on the GUNIWHEELS. For use with GUNIWHEEL 45 and 45S only.


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