JEGS Mo-Flow Pro Electric Fuel Pumps

Durability And Maximum Performance

JEGS Mo-Flow Pro Series electric fuel pumps are designed to deliver enhanced performance for any racing engine. JEGS combines premium materials, racing experience and track testing to create the best fuel pumps in the market. Mo-Flow Pro Fuel Pumps feature aluminum, CNC-fabricated bodies that are both lightweight and reliable. The component’s low amperage motor is compliant with 12V or 16V, and the pump’s well-understood vane and rotor configuration resists heat, while supporting dependability. Its external bypass valve eliminates fuel starvation and cavitation while ensuring a constant fuel supply. Altogether, these features create a very reliable pump at an amazingly-low price. JEGS Mo-Flo Pro Pumps are made in the USA, and available with, or without, an integrated filter system.

JEGS Mo-Flo Fuel Pump Feature

JEGS Offers two pumps to choose from:

Part Number 555-15921
Mo-Flow Pro 505 Electric Fuel Pump
•Capable of supporting 2000+ HP
•Operating pressure 25 to 36 psi
•Uses 13 amps @ 28 psi
•#12 In/Out, -08AN Bypass
•Compatible with Gas, Alcohol, Methanol, E85, Diesel
•5.75″ x 3″ x 7″
•Weighs 7 lbs

Part Number 555-15922
Mo-Flow Pro 405 Electric Fuel Pump
•Capable of supporting 1000+HP
•Operating pressure is 25 to 36 psi
•Uses 10 amps @ 25 psi
•-10AN In/Out,-08AN Bypass
•Compatible with Gas, Alcohol, Methanol, E85, Diesel
•5″ x 3″ x 6.75″
•Weighs 7 lbs

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