Jet Powr-Flo Throttle Body

Bolt-On Performance in Minutes

To add easy performance to your engine, start at the beginning. The better your incoming airflow, the more power your engine can make. And if you can upgrade in under 10 minutes, that’s a winner.
jet performance powr-flo throttle body features

No More Throttle Lag

Now that most vehicles are throttle by wire, you might notice your stock throttle response has a delay or lag. The Jet Performance Powr-Flo Throttle Body features all upgraded electronics that solve this problem. In fact, when you read most of the product reviews from customers, most comments note how much better the throttle response is.
updated electronics remove the throttle lag in throttle bodies
Updated Electronics are Included and Pre-Installed

Increased Air Velocity

The Jet Performance Powr-Flo Throttle Body features a specially-designed and machined inlet that increases the incoming airflow into your intake manifold. Adding more velocity to your airflow naturally increases the throttle response and horsepower to your motor.
incoming air velocity with throttle body design

Easy Trouble-Free Installation

Installing the Powr-Flo Throttle Body is easy. Just disconnect the OE connector and remove 4 bolts. The installation video below is under 5 minutes. Most comments said total installation took less than 10 minutes. And best of all, no need to “re-flash” or touch your electronic ECM. The Jet unit is completely self-contained. Just bolt and go.

Street Legal

For those of us in California or states with strict emissions laws, Powr-Flo Throttle Bodies are 50-State Street Legal. Nor will the Throttle Body void any OE warranties.
jet powr-flor throttle body installed

Customer Reviews

We went looking for customer comments. On there are nearly 20 reviews. The average rating is 4.8 and no ratings under 4, which is special since it’s tough to make everyone happy.
powr-flo throttle body customer ratings
Real Comments
“Had no trouble installing the throttle body onto the intake. Followed the instructions and worked exactly as described. I did notice quite a bit more throttle response and even a little bit more power. No engine codes or problems yet.”

“Throttle body came quick, was easy to install. No problems at all and noticeable difference in throttle response especially on the e-way. Would definitely recommend. 2004 GMC Sierra”

“Easy install less than 10 minutes response on truck was great smoother pedal More torque.”


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