MAHLE Motorsport Intros New LS 5.3L (GEN 4) PowerPak Piston Set

Forged in Fire

MAHLE Motorsport now offers drop-in replacement pistons designed for use with the factory Gen 4, i.e. 2005+ rotating assembly. It minimizes machine work and maximizes reliability and performance for stock bottom end 5.3L LS engines. This Flat Top PowerPak set works for either naturally aspirated engines or 5.3L LS engines with power adders and functions perfectly with LMF, LH6, LY5, LMG, LC9, LH8, LH9, and LS4 engine codes.

MAHLE MS LS 5.3L Gen 4 PowerPak piston Image

Developed from high-strength 2618 Aluminum alloy and manufactured with a slipper skirt forging this high-strength piston set has an OE 10:1 compression ratio and there is no balancing required with using an OEM connecting rod. Larger diameter valve pockets allow for up to 2.1-inch internal and 1.6-inch exhaust valves. The piston’s valve pocket depths easily accommodate popular power-adder camshafts.

If you’re looking to cost-effectively boost power for a 5.3L LS, this PowerPak fits the bill as it is dual coated with Phosphate and MAHLE’s GRAFAL skirt coating, comes complete with heavy-duty 0.943-inch Ǿ floating wrist pins and an HV385 coated steel 1.0mm top 1.0mm Napier and 2.0mm oil ring set.


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