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An easy way to improve the reliability of your vehicle’s electrical system is using relays to control devices like electric fuel pumps, fans, and lights. Relays minimize voltage drop, can handle much higher current load than a simple switch, and let you use the proper size fuse or circuit breaker for each component. Painless Performance makes relay kits that make it easy to upgrade your electrical system. Let’s take a look at a few.

Electric Fuel Pump Relay Kit

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This kit is designed to prevent voltage drops at the fuel pump to maintain constant fuel pressure and prevent amperage overloads from damaging the vehicle’s electrical system. It’s a good idea for street use and a must for racing. The kit includes a 30 amp heavy-duty relay; 30 amp circuit breaker, relay base with wiring harness; crimp terminals; and mounting hardware.

Electric Fan Relay Kits

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A Painless electric fan relay kit provides constant voltage to the fan, protects it from voltage and amperage spikes, and prevents the fan from backfeeding voltage through the vehicle’s wire harness. Choices include single fan kits, heavy-duty kits, and more.

Halogen Headlight Conversion Relay Kit

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Converting to halogen headlights? This harness draws power directly from the battery, through the relays, and to the headlights, providing full power to the bulbs. It includes two 40 amp weatherproof relays with bases, a weatherproof 30 amp fuse, and connectors to mate the harness to your factory headlights and electrical system. The kit is designed for #9004 and #9007 halogen bulbs.

Trail Rocker Relay Control System

The Trail Rocker gives you control of up to eight 12 volt electrical accessories—from light bars to air lockers—on your truck or off-roader. The heart of this kit is the power center with eight 30 amp fuses and relays enclosed in a weatherproof housing. The power center is prewired; just route the wiring to your accessories and make the connections. You also get an input harness for a control switch.

Summit Racing also carries Painless Performance relay kits for electric water pumps, starters, auxiliary and brake lights, and other functions.


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