EnginePower: ProForm Slim-Fit Radiator System

The ProForm Slim-Fit Radiator system offers a great cooling solution for virtually any OEM re-fit or custom build. The product is beautiful outside and high-tech on the inside. At only 4″ deep, your show car will be able to retrofit anything from a Chevy to a Toyota. Check out some of these bullets:

Up to 40% Space Savings vs. Others on the Market
Reinforced Core with Hybrid Tube Architecture
Direct Fit, Conversion, & Universal Models Available
OE Inlet/Outlet Size & Location for Easy Installation
Recommended for Engines up to 600 HP
Limited Under-hood Space is no Longer an Issue

Proform spent three years developing the full-integrated Slim-Fit radiator system. Consequently, the package’s core/shroud/fan design is only four inches deep. This, in turn, translates to a combo unit that’s up to 40% thinner than other typical products in the aftermarket.

Slim-Fit radiators utilize a fully-integrated ‘Four-Corner’ design, that is unlike any other radiator package. The products are defined by sleek angles, eye-catching perforations and an exclusive Slant-Edge Cap. Precise tig-welded “stack of dimes” cascades produce a clean natural-polished aluminum finish for a custom aftermarket look.

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ABOUT Proform®

PROFORM® Parts (Specialty Auto Parts U.S.A., Inc.) is a leader in the High-Performance Automotive Aftermarket by engineering and manufacturing creative products from intelligent concepts. Our goal is to provide the Performance and Race Enthusiast with innovation, quality and affordability in all our products – giving the customer maximum value. This is the result of experienced and efficient global manufacturing – not cutting corners!