Slime’s Next Gen Garage Inflation Station

He Slimed Me

Slime, a national leader in tire repair technology, is pleased to announce their new, smaller next generation Garage Inflation Station, letting you air up everything in your home quickly and easily. With a 20-foot retractable hose, powerful and quiet motor for super-fast inflation, and easy-read digital display placed strategically where you need it, this Garage Inflation Station has you covered. Mount it to your garage wall and inflate away.

slime garage inflator

“If you have a garage, chances are it is full of items that need air – car tires, bicycle tires, balls, pool toys, air mattresses, lawn equipment, and more,” said Chad Ellman, Slime Director of Marketing. “The new Garage Inflation Station makes airing up everything quick and easy. Convenient and fast, now you can inflate like a pro!”

slime garage inflator

Garage Inflation Station features and specs:

Airs up everything! Cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, lawn and garden equipment, ATVs/UTVs, trailers, toys, inflatables and more!
Easy read dial gauge (0-60 psi) located near the source of your tire, so you can monitor pressure while you inflate
Mounts on your garage wall and powered by your 120-volt home outlet
Extra-long extended hose (20 feet) reaches even the items in the driveway
Compact size (7 inches long x 4 inches wide) fits neatly on your garage wall – always ready, but never in the way
Quick connect air hose head for easy connection to your tires
Inflates a standard car tire from flat to full in 6 minutes
Power cord is 6 feet in length
Includes multi-purpose air adapters for rafts, balls and other inflatables
On/off button
Tire sensor safe

slime garage inflator

The new Garage Inflation Station will last for years and will get the job done right.


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