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Full Speed Ahead

Summit Racing says those clever Speedmaster engineers have come out with timing covers for Ford 351 Clevelands, coilover shock kits, a Cobra Jet Shaker hood scoop, and some awesome velocity stack EFI intake manifolds. Have a look.

Downdraft EFI Stack Intake Manifolds

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Get the look of a classic velocity stack intake setup plus the driveability of EFI with a Speedmaster Downdraft EFI Stack Intake Manifold. The cast aluminum intake manifold is topped with eight 50mm Weber IDA-style CNC-machined aluminum throttle bodies. Each throttle body houses a fuel injector that makes the system a multi-point EFI setup. The injectors are not included so you can choose the size that best fits your performance goals. Speedmaster does include the fuel rails and a built-in fuel pressure regulator.

The manifolds come with a linkage set that incorporates the throttle stops, idle controls, lever arms, and joiner/balancer in one unit, and features a single screw adjuster for calibrating front to rear throttle shafts. The bell crank has a fully indexable eccentric cable pulley for good low-speed drivability while maintaining full throttle geometry.

Richard Holdener shows you how a small block system works in this Speedmaster video.

Available Applications
• Gen 1 small block Chevy
• Ford 390-428 FE
• Ford 289-302
• Ford 351W
• Ford 351C/Boss 302
• Ford 460
• Mopar 6.1L Gen III Hemi

Timing Covers for Ford 351C

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Timing Covers for 351 Clevelands are getting tough to find, and Speedmaster is one of the few aftermarket companies that make new covers for the engine. You can get a one-piece aluminum cover in black, red, or blue, a one-piece steel cover with a zinc-plated finish, or a two-piece steel cover that gives you access to the cam without disturbing the oil pan seal. The aluminum covers come with the crank seal already installed.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Shaker Hood Scoop Assembly

Speedmaster’s Cobra Jet Shaker Hood Scoop Assembly is designed for 1969-70 Mach 1 Mustangs with the 351 Cleveland, but it can be adapted to cars with small block or big block engines with some creative fabrication. The Speedmaster Shaker is fully functional and has a cast aluminum scoop, a steel air cleaner base, and a steel midplate—no fiberglass here. You also get the water drain hose and a gasket. You will need to source a hood trim ring.

Universal Rear Coilover Shock Kits

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Speedmaster’s Rear Coilover Shock Kits are ideal for converting a street rod, race car, or other custom project to a rear coilover suspension. The kits include a pair of twin-tube coilover shocks and powdercoated coilover springs in a variety of rates. The coilovers are adjustable for ride height. Welding is required.

Available Spring Rates
• 150 lbs.-in.
• 200 lbs.-in.
• 250 lbs.-in.
• 300 lbs.-in.
• 350 lbs.-in.

Summit Racing carries over 3,000 Speedmaster products from blocks to top end kits, control arms and shocks, fuel cells, brake calipers, headers, and lots more. You can almost build an entire car with this stuff.


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