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RBL Products are designed to help professional collision shops do their work more efficiently. But they’re also ideal to help the home-garage paint and body person do quality work with less effort. Let’s check out a few of them.

Collision Wrap Film
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If you have to park a damaged vehicle or project car for a spell, RBL’s Collision Wrap Film will help protect the interior and other areas exposed to the elements. Easier to use than tarps or plastic sheets, the 3 mil-thick, self-adhesive plastic film wraps around broken windows or windshields, door openings, damaged roofs, and other areas that can let rain and snow inside the vehicle, trunk area, or engine compartment. The film is reverse-wound for one-person use, adheres to metal, glass, and plastic, and can be cut with a razor blade or utility knife. The film comes in a 3-foot x 100-foot roll.

UV Flex Putty with Curing Light

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RBL Products UV Flex Putty is designed for repairing bumpers, panels, dashboards, and other parts made from plastic, fiberglass, urethane, and other flexible materials. The putty is cured and ready to sand in less than 30 seconds thanks to the included ultraviolet curing light, and because it’s made with 100% solids, it will not shrink, crack, or peel. The Flexible UV Putty is self-leveling, comes in a neutral gray color, and can be primed and painted after curing. The curing light is rechargeable by USB cable. This RBL Products video shows you how the putty works.

Handheld Color Matching/Inspection Light

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Light loves to play tricks when you’re trying to determine the proper color to match an existing paint job. The best way to get a precise color match is with a light like RBL’s Handheld Color Matching/Inspection Light. Rated at 500 lumens of illumination, the light has two temperatures—5,000K and 6,500K—to best match the light conditions you encounter. You can also use the light to find really small scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections.

Other features include:
• Bendable design and magnetic base to position the light at any angle
• Diffuser lens for a larger illumination area
• Charge level indicator
• Rechargeable battery—USB cable and AC adapter included
• Carrying case with belt clip

Summit Racing carries other RBL Products paint and bodywork tools including masking paper and film; anti-static and prep wipes; pressure sprayers; and detailing wax.


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