Summit Racing: They’ve Got Your Welding Gear

Weld to a Higher Standard

Whether you’re working on Ford 9-inch axles or just do a good amount of bodywork, Summit Racing has some welding tools you’ll want to check out.

Summit Racing Axle Assembly Adapter for Ford 9-Inch Axles

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The Summit Racing Axle Assembly Adapter makes working on a Ford 9-inch axle less of a pain in the, er, rear. The adapter converts a standard engine stand into an axle work station so you don’t have to wrestle with the third member when you need to swap gears or differentials. You can also bolt the adapter to a workbench if you wish. You will need this hardware kit to attach the adapter to the axle housing.

Lenco Lencospot Mark II Spot Welder

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Lenco’s Lencospot Mark II Spot Welder is the simple way to make factory-type sheetmetal spot welds in seconds. Just press the two electrode guns against the welding surface, press the button, and presto—the tool creates two spot welds in steel panels up to 20-gauge thick. There is no guesswork as the Lencospot uses solid-state electronics to automatically control weld timing.

The Lencospot Mark II Spot Welder operates on 230-volt current and comes with a 50-foot power cable, 5-foot weld cable, and tips for panel and drip rail welds.

Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL Cordless Bandfile Sanders

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Removing spot welds, deburring metal, and cleaning new welds just got a bunch easier thanks to Milwaukee’s M12 FUEL Cordless Bandfile Sanders. Unlike air-powered bandfile sanders, the M12 FUEL sanders can be used anywhere, and have an arm that rotates 360 degrees for greater control and access in tight spaces. The sanders have two speeds— 3,500 surface feet per minute (SPM) for maximum material removal and 1,700 SPM for finishing and blending welds.

Other features include:
• POWERSTATE brushless motor
• Forward/reverse button controls direction of sparks from the sanding belt
• Lock-on button for continuous work
• Variable speed trigger to control sanding belt speed

The Milwaukee M12 FUEL Cordless Bandfile Sander is available in versions with a 1/2-inch or 3/8-inch wide sanding belt. The 1/2-inch sander is recommended for removing spot welds in steel panels and can remove up to 50 welds per charge. The 3/8-inch sander is ideal for removing spot welds in aluminum panels and can remove up to 65 welds per charge. Both sanders come with two 60 grit belts and use Milwaukee’s M12 REDLITHIUM XC4.0 battery, available separately.


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