Take the Guess Work Out of Your LS Engine Swap

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The LS engine platform has a lot going for it – it has more power, better reliability, and better gas mileage than the older series engines in most muscle cars, street rods, and classic trucks. The LS engine is also a good option for most budgets, since they are widely available both used and as brand-new crate engines. But for anyone considering a LS engine swap, the easy part is deciding that you want to do it, and the hard part is making sure you have the right combination of parts to make a modern engine function in a classic vehicle that it was not designed for.
LS Engine Swap
Figuring out how to make it all work and what parts will work together can be a real challenge, and your average dealership or shop isn’t going to have enough experience with LS swaps to be of much help. But over at Southern Performance Systems, they have installed, worked on, and sold hundreds of LS engines and they can help with every step of your LS conversion project.
LS Engine Swap
Southern Performance Systems (SPS) is a Chevrolet Performance Authorized Reseller, so they can hook you up with a brand-new crate engine and transmission package straight from the factory. They are also a full service install shop, and they have done all the research and tried all kinds of parts combinations with the LS engine platform already.
LS Engine Swap
So, whether you are starting with a new crate engine or a used engine from a junk yard, one of the Retro-Fit Conversion Kits from SPS is probably the answer to your engine swap questions. You can call SPS with your vehicle info and the engine you are installing, and they will provide a complete kit to make that engine conversion – from the radiator to the exhaust, and all the wiring and brackets in between.

All the products are also available individually from SPS if you don’t need the entire Conversion Kit.
LS Engine Swap

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About Southern Performance Systems
Southern Performance Systems was founded in 1994. Located in Sugar Hill, Georgia outside of Atlanta, SPS specializes in providing the most complete Turnkey LS engine packages for classic cars, muscle cars, and trucks. In addition to engine packages to make a LS conversion complete they offer upgrades for brakes, suspensions, rear ends, air conditioning, electronic gauges, radiators and headers. Years of being an install center, doing design work and testing have made them a leader in the LS conversion market and earned their designation as a Chevrolet Performance Authorized Reseller.