Bosch Integrates Manufacturers’ Repair and Maintenance Data into Esitronic Software

Dynamic Diagnostics

Bosch Esitronic 2.0 Online diagnostic software supports workshop staff concerning repair and maintenance tasks. It provides, among others, diagnostic data, troubleshooting instructions, maintenance schedules as well as removal and installation instructions for individual components. Multi-brand workshops can thus increase both efficiency and quality of the tasks performed on different vehicle types and makes. In the future, Bosch will obtain the necessary and existing repair and maintenance information directly from various vehicle manufacturers by means of more detailed information and will also integrate it into Esitronic. This is made possible due to the applicable EU regulation 2018/858. It obliges the manufacturers within the geographic limits of the European Union to provide “all information, (…) that is required for diagnosing, servicing and inspecting a vehicle.”


In future, Esitronic 2.0 Online will include manufacturer information such as e.g. the installation position of specific components, removal and installation instructions, 3D illustrations and photos of components and their classification by vehicle types as well as circuit diagrams based on manufacturer information. As a result, the Bosch diagnostic software will provide in-depth information with a high level of detail combining the comprehensive diagnostic function with the manufacturers’ repair and maintenance information. As of May 2021, the new contents will gradually be integrated into Esitronic. They will be available for workshops with licenses for the information types P (circuit diagrams) and SIS (troubleshooting instructions). Esitronic P is a comprehensive database of circuit diagrams concerning important vehicle systems such as engine management, comfort and bus systems. This allows for efficient working and quick identification of suitable solutions by the workshop staff. Esitronic SIS supports workshop staff at troubleshooting and repair tasks by means of step-by-step instructions.

Bosch: All repair and maintenance data from a single source

By taking over the original manufacturer information, Esitronic’s data quality is further improved with more detailed information. In numerous cases, the information is also available more quickly than before. Bosch adopts the data right from the manufacturer and modifies it for its integration into Esitronic. Even the exact allocation of data and repair instructions to the respective customer vehicle is improved. For this purpose, the Esitronic thus provides specific information that is precisely tailored to the vehicle, above and beyond the series.. The workshop is thus granted access to important repair and maintenance information from a single source. The – usually charged – request of manufacturer information at different sources of information can thus be avoided. Accordingly, Bosch Esitronic 2.0 Online is an efficient tool for workshops which features a comprehensive diagnostic coverage as well as maintenance and repair instructions right from the vehicle manufacturer.

Manufacturer coverage with original data gradually increased

The integration of manufacturer data into Esitronic was launched with information concerning Mercedes-Benz GLC and B models. As of May, additional BMW, Fiat and Ford models will follow. The data of other manufacturers will follow in the course of the year. As the EU regulation on the provision of data relates to the EU economic area, there may be country restrictions imposed by manufacturers on the integration of manufacturer information into Esitronic. Existing and other repair and maintenance information will continue to be developed by Bosch and will to be available worldwide without restriction.


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