More Power For Kenny Brown GT4 Series Mustangs

More Growl For The Buck

If you’re a true car enthusiast then you’ll understand why Kenny Brown Performance is excited to announce more power for the GT4 Mustang. KBP starts by having customers select one of my four performance categories of GT4 Mustang. Then the company works with the customer to customize a Kenny Brown GT4 Mustang.

This includes Planned Use, Level of Driving Experience and other necessary criteria. Next KBP tailors and configures a Kenny Brown GT4 Mustang exclusively for the customer, using only premium components.

Basic 2018/2019 Kenny Brown GT4 Mustang Product Line:

GT4 $29,500 base – Total Package Price $65,000; 475hp; 7.9 P2W ratio

GT4/CS $44,500 base – Total Package Price $79,000; 500hp; 7.5 P2W ratio

GT4/CSR $69,000 base – Total Package Price $104,000; 560hp; 6.7 P2W ratio

GT4/SF $29,500 base – Total Package Price $112,000; 720hp; 6.7 P2W ratio

GT4/S $76,500 base – Total Package Price $112,000; 770hp; 6.7 P2W ratio

All specs are estimated base on best available information and are subject to update and/or change without notice.

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Kenny Brown, a 30-year veteran in the Mustang performance aftermarket, is legendary for building some of the most technically advanced, high performance Ford Mustangs in North America. His critically-acclaimed AGS (Advanced Geometry Suspension) high performance suspension systems and components for street and track-day Mustangs, sold under the Kenny Brown Performance brand, are some of the best and most innovative in the aftermarket.