SIERRA Cars Launches ECHO, All-Electric Consumer Race Vehicles, at SEMA Show 2023

Echo Location

SIERRA Cars unveils their latest racing technology at SEMA Show 2023 with the debut of its latest innovation—the all-electric ECHO performance-vehicle line.

SIERRA echo in desert

SIERRA Cars will make its first-ever appearance at SEMA Show this year, showcasing its new electric car line, powered by Hypercraft. Unlike previous SIERRA Cars models, which were limited production, the SIERRA ECHO line is primed for consumer availability in three distinct configurations: the ECHO (base model), the ECHO R-Spec, and the ECHO Block Edition. The ECHO line represents SIERRA Cars’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, while maintaining the proven chassis and exclusive appeal that have defined the brand since its founding in 2018.

SIERRA cars echo in studio

In June of 2023, SIERRA Cars officially declared its commitment to an all-electric future, accompanied by the debut of the SIERRA ECHO line, an all-electric platform featuring the limited Block Edition model. In its debut race, driver Lucy Block conquered the challenging Pikes Peak track, demonstrating the chassis’s exceptional performance and reliability. The brand new R-Spec, featuring performance specs similar to that of the Pikes Peak ECHO Block Edition, was created to make high-performance racing-speced vehicles accessible to the everyday driver.

Vehicle Specs:

SIERRA cars echo base model
ECHO Base Model
Features an 18.6-kWh battery pack powering a drive system producing 150 eHP and up to 165 lbs of torque at a max of 10,000 rpm, with a top speed of 80 mph and a weight of 1350 pounds.
Starting price is $39,000.
SIERRA cars echo-r
Electric race-spec rally/gymkhana inspired single-seater vehicle.
Features a 18.6-kWh battery pack powering a drive system good for 300 eHP and up to 350 lbs of torque at a max of 10,000 rpm, with a top speed of 100+ mph and a weight of 1,500 pounds.
Starting price is $74,900.
ECHO Block Edition
ECHO Block Edition
Features a 18.6-kWh battery pack powering a drive system good for 300 eHP and 368 lbs of torque at a max of 12,000 rpm, with a top speed of 120 mph and a weight of 1,350 pounds.
Optimized to race Pikes Peak.
Exclusive model, only seven will ever be made. Starting price is $85,000. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Block family non-profit, 43 Institute.

“As a racer myself, the inspiration behind the ECHO line came from a desire to break down the barriers between professional racing and everyday enthusiasts,” says Cole Powelson, Founder of SIERRA Cars. “I know the joy that comes from pushing the limits on the track, and I wanted others to experience that too. The ECHO line is a testament to breaking down the exclusivity of high-performance vehicles, making electric racing not just a dream for a select few but a reality for every driver who craves the adrenaline of the race.”

SIERRA cars echo on the road

SEMA attendees will get a first-look at this ultra-performance electrified chassis platform. The ECHO R-Spec will be on display in the SEMA EV & Future Propulsion booth #24618 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Additionally, the SIERRA Cars chassis and electric powertrain will be on display in the SEMA FutureTech Studio.

About SIERRA Cars:

Founded in 2018, SIERRA Cars is a leading name in the realm of ultra-performance vehicles, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and driving experience. Thanks to collaborations with racing-class enthusiasts and professional drivers, SIERRA Cars emerged as a trailblazer in the automotive racing industry. While their current lineup of race vehicles include both gas and electric options, SIERRA’s ECHO line marks a future commitment to the electric movement and to a new era of innovation targeting drivers of every kind. To learn more about SIERRA Cars and its all-electric ECHO line, please visit here.